#TBR2015RBR – Checkpoint 1!


First thing I want to say is apologies for going awol at the end of Bout of Books and generally not posting this week.  I’ve had a terrible week – I’ve started a new job and the commute has been a bit annoying.  And it’s just generally been awful: on Monday I got locked out of my flat, Tuesday I got soaked on the way home, Wednesday my lunch exploded in my bag and balsamic vinegar got everywhere, Thursday I twisted my ankle, and Friday I got stuck out in the driving snow for an HOUR while I waited on a taxi as it was impossible for me to walk to the station as I have to walk down a really steep hill and I would have broken my neck.

So that’s where I am right now.

Anyway! I’ve really been enjoying the concept of the TBR Challenge, so here’s my first update post.  I’m going to post a review of the first book that I read tomorrow (even though I’m not counting my first full book as actually read until I finish the Gormenghast trilogy).

My Progress: 0.33 of 12 Completed / 0 of 12 Reviewed

I may have flew a little too close to the sun with wanting to get the whole Gormenghast trilogy finished in January.  It’s a lot longer than I thought! My one volume edition looks a lot shorter than it actually is.  I’m also really enjoying it so I don’t want to rush through it and not savour it as much as I should! If I get to the end of Gormenghast itself I’ll be happy, and I’ll definitely read Titus Alone before the end of the year too.  I’ll have a review up for Titus Groan before the end of the weekend.  This is a seriously, seriously good book.

Question of the Month: Which book on your 2015 list has been on your shelf the longest?

I don’t remember exactly when I bought a lot of these books.  However, I think the ones that have been on my shelf the longest are the ones that I got for my 21st birthday (three and a half years ago, eek!): the Gormenghast trilogy, Tam Lin, Big Fish, and Dreams Underfoot.  All of these are books I was looking forward to reading, so I don’t know why they’ve been there so long! I sometimes have a problem with saving books I think are going to be good for when I’m “in the right mood” or “when I can really appreciate them” instead of just reading them!