Top Ten Tuesdays: Books I Would Read in my Bookclub (if such a creature existed)


Thanks as always to The Broke and the Bookish for hosting the meme.

So this week’s pick is an interesting one.  I’ve never belonged to a book club.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to try – I love talking about books with people, but I don’t have a ton of people to talk about them with!  My boyfriend and I have a fair amount of crossover in our tastes, but he doesn’t read YA, so I never get to talk about that with him.  My mum and I also share tastes, but there is a pretty big gulf of things we just don’t cross over on.  My best friend loves YA and contemporary fiction.  So I do get to chat about a lot of the things I love. However, I simply read in greater volume than anyone else I know, so a lot of books I’ve read are things they haven’t got round to yet.  I’m not tooting my own horn, I just don’t have a lot in the way of other interest 😉

Anyway, that’s why I’d like a book club.  Now!  I am the book club overlord. So what are we reading?  I’m going to pick five books I have read, and five that I haven’t.

  1. Cloud Atlas – this novel is weird and multi-layered and I’d love to get other people’s take on it.  I loved it, but I can’t decide whether the structure was sort of gimmick-y or not.  I’d also like to hear which part other people liked best.
  2. Bring Up the Bodies – this is a long book, but I think it would be beneficial to discuss this one in the context that obviously it’s based on things that actually happened – I’d love to talk to someone who knows more about that period of history than I do about this book.
  3. Oryx and Crake – this book is just so good and well written and brings up so many interesting ethical issues.  I don’t necessarily completely agree with Atwood’s stance on everything in this novel, but I think it would be great for creating a discussion around the issues it references.  Also it’s just plain fantastic and I want to reread it already.
  4. The Joy Luck Club – this just seems like the quintessential book club book and I’ve been meaning to have a go at it soon.  It sounds like the kind of thing I’d like to discuss with other women in order to gauge their opinion on the portrayal of women in it.
  5. A Streetcar Named Desire –  I just had the hardest time with the drama.  I was left in shock by what happens between Blanche and Stanley near the end.  On one hand, Stanley is clearly a violent man, and this, in itself, was sadly not unusual behaviour at the time of writing.  On the other hand, I’m not sure I like what was implied about working class people in general in this play – I’m not sure if I was reading it right, but it felt a bit fatalistic and maybe a little one-sided. I’d love to get the opinion of others on this.
  6. In the Woods – Tana French’s books have been getting such an amazing write up, and I love a good murder-mystery, so I think it would be great to discuss this book.  I’ve also not read many books set in Ireland, so this would be a good addition to round out that area of my reading.
  7. Persuasion – mostly because I want to know if everyone loves this book as much as I do.  It often feels a little neglected, compared to Austen’s more famous works, but it might just be my absolute favourite.  It’s a little more reserved and austere, much like its heroine, but I absolutely adore it.  Plus, reading it for a book club would just give it more attention, which I feel like it totally deserves.
  8. The Martian – so. Much. Hype.  It really does sound like my kind of thing, though, so I’d be interested to see whether it’s universally popular or not.
  9. The Knife of Never Letting Go – mostly just for reactions to that one bad thing that happens.  Plus, I think this is a really good book for the YA-skeptical (of which I am often one!) as it combines a strong narrative voice with an (imo) excellent plot.
  10. Invisible Cities – because it’s bound to be a bit of a mindfuck, and differing interpretations of these kinds of work are always fun.

Are any of you in a book club?  What would your picks be?


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays: Books I Would Read in my Bookclub (if such a creature existed)

  1. Well, I’d probably join your bookclub if I didn’t have no end of other things on my plate, because this looks a great list. ‘Cloud Atlas’ and ‘Persuasion’ are already on my TBR list, while I’m still pootling through one Atwood. The Calvino I’ve already read, enjoyed and reviewed, and I very much liked his recasting of Italian folktales. The rest of your titles look fascinating except for ‘Streetcar’ — I didn’t enjoy Hardy as a kid because he was so depressing, and my basically optimistic attitude hasn’t changed much over the years…

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    • Lol, I probably won’t even get round to the unread stuff on this list for ages for the same reason. Yeah, Streetcar was one of those that stayed with me (in a negative way) for a couple of days. I felt deeply unsettled by it and I’m not sure whether I’m glad that I read it or not, except that it’s filled in a blank spot in my cultural lexicon.


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