#BoutofBooks – Update 5!

Bout of Books
So here are my stats for the fifth day of Bout of Books.
Pages read: 366 pages of Titus Groan; 25 pages of Gormenghast; 70 pages of Emma
Percentage of the way though: 100% of the way through TG; 7% of the way through Gormenghast; 42% of the way through the trilogy
Thoughts:  So I’m clearly not going to meet my goal, though this was obvious fairly early in the week.  I think what’s held me back is actually that I’m enjoying the Gormenghast trilogy a lot more than I thought I would.  I didn’t want to rush through it at all.  It’s also a lot longer than I thought – when I look at individual volumes of these books, they’re all 500+ pages, so although mine is shorter, it’s because there are more words per page (it’s a beautiful, but huge, book.  My tiny hands struggle with it).  So far I’m interested to see where Gormenghast goes, though I do know the gist of the plot.  It’s a shame that from Monday I’ll have less time to devote to it as there is no chance that I’m lugging that thing about with me.  Once I finish my Back to the Classics book (Emma) I think I’ll be taking the shorter of the other books from my TBR pile to work with me.  Of course, as this is a new job (though a temp one!), I don’t know how much time I’ll have to read. Sigh, being grown up sucks sometimes 😛

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