Booking Through Thursday: Weeding


Many thanks to Booking Through Thursday.

Do you ever weed out unwanted books from your library? And if so, what do you do with them?

Yes and no.  I definitely have had, up until about the last year, a problem with holding on to books even if I’m not sure I really want to read them or (even worse) if I have read them and didn’t enjoy them.  The latter problem I am definitely conquering now!  I’ve tried using and had some great fun with that.  The problem is it often does end up costing you money.   Also, if you have books that no one else wants, you end up having the books you don’t want just sitting there anyway, for a long time.  My instinct now is just to give them to charity.  However, I’d be interested in trying Bookcrossing or maybe hosting a “hate giveaway” at some point in the future? As in, I might not like these books, but someone else will want them?  Of course, if I made it international, shipping might be an issue… I will think on this!

As to getting rid of books I’ve not read… yeah, that doesn’t really happen.  I always think, “what if?”  You never know when a book you open is going to become your favourite so it would just be silly to give away books unread…. right? Right?!

Ah well, as addictions go, it’s relatively harmless…


2 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Weeding

  1. Having bored readers no end with my many posts on bookweeding I won’t bore you either, except to say I sympathise. I’m not mercenary about books surplus to requirements but would rather give them away — to charity, to friends, to family — than spend valuable browsing and reading time shipping them around the world. Hopefully there will be grateful readers amongst that lot!


    • Yeah, I probably should have mentioned that in my post- I give a lot of books, both liked and unliked, to my mum, but I don’t count those as she lives sufficiently near me that I’ll always have access to them as I need to. Otherwise, my friends and family don’t read much. The one friend that I do have that reads has tastes very skewed towards a certain type of fiction (YA/contemporary romance) and only so much of what I read fits into that category.

      But yes, I have to say having tried various of the methods of getting rid of my books on the internet, I’ve not *really* been impressed with any of them. Read It, Swap It was as close as I got, as I at least always got a book back that I wanted, but, liked I said, some books are slow/non-movers and they were just lying around taking up space the way they would have been anyway. Taking books to the charity shop is annoying, as I don’t drive, but at least then they’re gone!

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