#BoutofBooks – Updates 2 and 3 (sorry!)

Bout of Books
So here are my stats for the second and third day of Bout of Books.
Pages read: 150 pages of Titus Groan; 50 pages of Emma
Percentage of the way though: 40% of the way through Titus Groan; 16% of the way through the trilogy
Thoughts: Ugh, I’ve been reading so little over the past two days despite it being my least week off!  I’ve been extremely busy, which I suppose can be attributed to the same thing.  I’m still loving Titus Groan though.  I think maybe he spent a little too long over the scene where Steerpike scales Gormenghast, because I could see where it was going (the clue was in Fuchsia leaving the food in the attic).  Still, there isn’t really a wasted word, though I’m not really sure what to make of all the songs.  Emma I’ve read before and still love as much as ever.
Let’s see what Thursday holds!

4 thoughts on “#BoutofBooks – Updates 2 and 3 (sorry!)

  1. I tried the Gormenghast books eons ago when I was a student but was too impatient to plough through more than a few pages. Now I’m practically in my dotage I’m keen to give them another go, especially with fond memories of the BBC adaptation of a few years ago in mind.

    I’m slowly working my way through early Austen, saving Emma and Mansfield Park for after I’ve read some more of her juvenilia (Love and Freindship and Catherine for example). I’m also looking forward to reading her letters (sorry, that sounds a bit creepy!) and also a study of her treatment of clerical figures; so many of her male family members and acquaintances seem to have gone into the Church as a career rather than as a vocation, though I guess that was very common at the time.


    • Ah, is the adaptation good? I was scoping it out in HMV the other day but I decided to wait to see whether it was well thought of. The language in the book is certainly a bit dense and he tends go on (a lot!) about nothing much, but definitely in a way that I enjoy and of which am eager to experience more!

      I’ve read all the main novels, a couple of them more than once, but only discovered since encountering Goodreads and so on that there even was any juvenilia and so on to read so I’ll be tackling that at some point in the future. I’m definitely looking forward to creeping over… I mean, reading her letters. I’d noticed that many of her (male) family seemed to be clergy that looking into that seems really interesting. I’ve recently reread Sense and Sensibility and Northanger Abbey, so I’ve still got P&P, Persuasion (my favourite) and Mansfield Park (my least favourite!) to go. The modern retellings I’ve been reading aren’t anything more than (very) faithful retellings set in the modern day but something about them amuses me even if they aren’t terribly well thought of. I think it’s the contortions the writer goes through to keep as much to the story as possible while making the details make sense in a modern context.

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  2. Oxford World Classics have all the juvenilia collected in ‘Catherine and other writings’; the Cassandra letters are in an illustrated book I can’t lay my hands on at the moment; ‘Jane Austen and the Clergy’ is by Irene Collins (Hambledon Press 1994)–I got a remaindered copy for £5, originally £40!

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    • Thanks 🙂 this is helpful as I’ve always looked at different collections of her “other” works (as opposed to the six main novels) and wondered what was where. They’re definitely high up on my wishlist. Also I love a good bargain like that!


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