#BoutofBooks – my goal!

Bout of Books
So, Bout of Books has started for me as it is now midnight in my country.  I’m so excited.  I decided to only have one goal for my inaugural readathon (I’ve never done one before!) and that is to read the Gormenghast trilogy.  In my copy, it works out at about 135 pages per day.  That’s not undoable in the slightest.  However, I’m not holding myself to it – this is strictly just for fun.  This also happens to be my first book in the official TBR challenge, so I was looking to finish it this month anyway.  I hope you all enjoy Bout of Books, and I look forward to seeing you all chatting about it – I promise to have more to say in my update, when more of you will be past midnight!

6 thoughts on “#BoutofBooks – my goal!

  1. Bout of Books is something I’ve always wanted to participate in but have never had the chance! Hopefully next time I have time.

    Good luck! 135 pages a day is a very manageable amount. I’m sure you’ll knock it over easy 😀


    • Yeah, the first time I heard about it was the last one and for whatever reason I just had *no* time to take part in it. So I decided to keep an eye out for when it started this time round. Hopefully you’ll be able to participate at some point!

      Haha thanks 🙂 we shall see!


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