#BoutofBooks – Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt!

Many thanks to Stefani at Caught Read Handed for hosting this great challenge here.  I decided to take a picture for each one… some were harder than others!

1. Find an author with the same initials as you


This one was sort of hard, as I didn’t have any physical books that had my initials, but here’s a book I’m probably going to read at some point later this year (I’m definitely going to read it in general!) My initials: SC

2. Find a book with the color yellow on it

3. Find an author’s name with the letter “S” in it


This is one of my favourite books.
4. Find a book with a female protagonist

5. Find the longest book you own

6. Find a book with a map in it or on it


From my copy of The Fellowship of the Ring.
7. Find a book with a face on it (photograph or illustrated)

Bonus: Find something on your shelf that isn’t a book.


(oh dear, I cut his ears off at the top of the photo)

I hope you enjoyed my little scavenge-y tour and that you’re having a good Bout of Books!


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