#ShelfLove – My TBR Overfloweth

No Book Buying Challenge 2015 – January update: Post/share a picture or list of your TBR pile(s)

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So… I have quite a big TBR.  I went through a mega-phase maybe three years or so long where I just kept buying books, and buying them, and buying them… I’m not quite sure when it completely got out of control, but the result was that I ended up with 162 unread paper books.  Which is quite a lot.  As you can see.  This is the reason that I need this challenge!  I’m going to try to add to this pile as little as possible – only one book per month(!) so that over the next couple of years I can reduce my TBR to a manageable size and read books when they come out or as I discover them, instead of waiting  years and years to get round to them.

Obviously, some of the titles are really hard to make out – so, inspired by the fine ladies running this challenge, I’ve made a Goodreads shelf so that anyone who wants can peruse at their leisure.  Feel free to add me on Goodreads too!  The more the merrier is definitely my motto.  If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see me read sooner rather than later, feel free to give me a shout.  Happy reading!


12 thoughts on “#ShelfLove – My TBR Overfloweth

    • Bargain books are totally my nemesis as well. I can’t resist a 99p deal on Amazon or a great value second-hand book… but I’m just going to have to. I thought about doing the read X, buy 1 thing, but I think I’m going to stick with what I’ve got just now, and see how well I manage. Depending how well I do, I might incentivise myself in some other way – if I stick to my diet plan, for example!


      • Whatever works! I love and adore Book Outlet, for example but I’ve started to notice that I haven’t read very many of the books I’ve ordered there in the last few months so I’m trying not to even go to that website anymore. Deals are not worth the money in the end if I never actually read the book.


    • Thanks 🙂

      Absolutely! When I’m really struggling to pick something I open up my Goodreads unread shelf and use a random number generator to pick things for me… it often gets me to read something I probably wouldn’t have remembered about otherwise.


    • Yeah, while I bless Amazon and second-hand bookshops for overflowing (there’s that word again…) with cheap books, it hasn’t really done my living space any great favours. I’m slowly chipping away. Hope all is going well with yours! Good luck 🙂


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