This month I will mostly be reading… January!


So here’s a little taster of what I’m going to be reading this month.  Sorry it’s not the best photography, but I had to use my phone. Looking at last year, I managed at most twelve books in one month, and the least I managed was four.  So I’m gunning for nine this month, as I feel like I’ve got a reasonably empty month ahead, and I’ll have some commuting time (along with probably my lunchbreak) to read.

Two of these books – Gormenghast and Emma (which is on my e-reader, pictured in its fetching owl cover) – will be read for the TBR Pile and Back to the Classics challenge respectively.  Gormenghast is a tome I’ve been meaning to get to for a long time.  My boyfriend has been badgering me about reading it FOREVER.  I don’t know if it’s because I have the trilogy collected in one volume that intimidates me, but I’m going to make the effort to get through it during next week’s Bout of Books.  Even if I don’t manage, I’ll give it a good try!  Emma is my only reread that I’ve picked for Back to the Classics, and I chose it to ease me into the challenge, but also as I want to give the Alexander McCall Smith Austen Project modernisation a go in the next few weeks.  I know these modernisations haven’t been popular with a lot of people but I’m loving them so far!

As to the rest… the top one is The Diamond as Big as the Ritz and Other Stories (I doubt you’ll be able to make out the title as it’s such a light green!) which I’ve been meaning to try for ages. I loved Gatsby but had trouble getting into (and eventually abandoned) Tender is the Night so I’m wondering how I’ll get on with this – hopefully as it’s very short it might work better for me. The Grand Sophy  I’m looking forward to as I’ve been meaning to try Georgette Heyer for a while – it sounds like a lot of her regency-type romances hit the right buttons for me regarding the right balance of sentimentality and snark.  I’ve already read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, so I’m looking forward to Everything is Illuminated – I know Foer’s work isn’t for everything, but the former book got my out of an extremely dark place in 2013, so I’m hoping the latter lives up to it.  Similarly, I loved The 100 Year Old Man… and although I’ve heard The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden does not quite live up to it, I’m hoping I’ll enjoy it well enough anyway.

Breakfast of Champions is one I’ve been wary of for a while as my partner did not enjoy it at all but I thought it was about time I tried some Vonnegut.  The French Lieutenant’s Woman I know almost nothing about but picked it pretty much at random.  Despite trying to avoid series, I couldn’t resist the lure of Use of Weapons as I loved Player of Games so much last year, despite it being a deeply silly book.  This will actually be only my second Culture book, as I’ve skipped over Consider Phlebas, but might return to it at a later stage.

So here’s what I’ll be reading this month!  I’ll probably sprinkle another couple of ebooks in there if I finish Emma on my commute.  What will you be reading this month?  Have you read any of the above?


2 thoughts on “This month I will mostly be reading… January!

  1. I really need to read Gormenghast too, though my ex-flatmate has my copy. Grr. I should read Emma as well — it’s the last of Austen’s work I haven’t read, and I’ve let it slide for ages now…


    • Ahh, I know the pain of unreturned borrowed books… something always makes me nervous about them even if I trust the person! I loved Emma the first time I read it, I hope you do too – I rank it behind only Persuasion and P&P (I mean, if I *had* to rank them!)


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