New year, new goals: Show Your Shelves Some Love

This is a scheduled post.

This is the third and final challenge I’ve picked for this year.  I’ve challenged myself to think very carefully about the books I buy and why, and have set a limit on how many I’m allowed to buy in both paper and e-book format. There’s more explanation below!

Show Your Shelves Some Love: A No Book Buying Challenge


The challenge is here.  Many thanks to those at Chapter Break for running it.  My goal is to impose a book buying “budget” on myself and to achieve black belt level from my TBR list.  What does that mean?

Black Belt —->51+ books: my shelves and I are going steady

So I must read 51+ books from the books I already own at the beginning of 2015.  This fits in with my “Book Hoarder Challenge” plans.

In terms of my budget?  Well, due to varying book prices, I want to set a limit of one paper book per month maximum. I will allow this to roll over into a following month (ie. if I buy no books in January I can buy two in February.  Conversely, if I buy two in January, I can’t buy any in February).  In terms of Kindle purchases, I can spend no more than ten pounds a month. This will allow to pick up daily deals and so on without overspending.

This is going to be the hardest out of my three challenges as I’m naturally inclined to hoard books, but I’ve reached crisis point in the last few years.  I like to have a tidy mind and having too many books untidies it.  I want to challenge myself to really think about my purchases before I make them. Do I *really* need this?


14 thoughts on “New year, new goals: Show Your Shelves Some Love

  1. Hi! Despite not having a blog, I’ve attempted to link up a Facebook Note with links to my Goodreads Shelf, and my Goal (Black Belt, baby!) and my budget. If it didn’t work, oh, well, I’m still sticking to it. Good luck with the reading goals in 2015!


    • Awesome! It’s a tough goal to keep to but I’m sure we can both manage. If we don’t fulfil the challenge then at least it will have made us think about what we’re doing book-buying-wise. Good luck to you too 🙂 have a great year!


    • Thanks for having me! It’s definitely helping already – I’ve looked at today’s Kindle Daily Deals and despite there being some I vaguely want, I’m holding off because I have to think of my budget 🙂 talking to people in the same boat definitely helps.


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