The First Mini-Challenge

There are currently 135 books on the list.  When I pick up my new books from my mum’s house, this will increase to 144 (I know, I know).  Obviously, that’s a lot to get through.  So I’m breaking it down into smaller chunks, and the first is to read 24 more books by the end of the year.  At the moment, I’ve read 92 books this year, and I’m on target to read 113.  So I figure I can manage 116 by the end of the year.  That would bring my TBR down to 120 (excluding Christmas presents/moments of weakness, and my Kindle TBR but it doesn’t take up physical space and as such is less of a problem).

So now I just need to decide what to read.  There are some books from my October TBR left that will be part of the 24.  Is there anything from the Master List that anyone would particularly like to see me read/review?


2 thoughts on “The First Mini-Challenge

  1. A fascinating master list, Marisa, so hard — impossible even — to recommend a title for you to read. My eye was caught by Mortal Engines, which I intend to reread in the New Year, but then you’d have to read the rest of the series. And then the prequels…


    • I’m ashamed to say I’ll have to update my Master List as, while I’ve curtailed my book buying, I’ve not entirely stopped! And yeah, that is my problem with series generally at the moment – if I like them (which I’m certain I will Mortal Engines!) then I want to read more from that to the neglect of other things…

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